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​Our History

The QUIMVALE - QUÍMICA INDUSTRIAL VALE DO PARAÍBA LTDA has been producing and marketing calcium carbonate for various applications, serving the entire national territory and South America.


Our commitment is to put on the market products that meet the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations, with quality, deadlines and service. Ensuring the safety and preservation of the environment.

In 2003, we invested in reducing CO2 emissions by replacing the use of fuel oil in our boilers with Natural Gas.

In 2008, we made a new investment to further reduce CO2 emissions. We replaced the use of GNI with Wood Biomass.

The reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the main agent causing the greenhouse effect, led the Quimvale project to be recognized by the UN, becoming the second in the state of RJ to obtain this international recognition and in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

We have been operating in the Brazilian market for over 49 years, supplying Precipitated Calcium Carbonate serving several segments.


We maintain a Technical Assistance and product development structure to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers. And, a commercial team cohesive with the market and its needs, always aiming at excellence in service.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is produced from high chemical purity limestone, used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, among which we highlight: Paints, Plastics, Rubbers, Paper, Food, Automotive, EVA and Agricultural Defenses.


Avenida Paulo Fernandes,  1603 – Muqueca – Barra do Piraí / RJ – CEP: 27.143-050

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